Chanel “Fly Girl” Martin

ChanelMartin Chanel "Fly Girl" Martin

Name: Chanel Martin

Age: 12

Sponsors: Hang5Gear / AZ Grind / The Grind Shop

Deck: The Bandit

Bars: H5G Ti T Bars

Compression/Clamps: HIC

Fork: Wyatt Anderson Signature Fork

Wheels: H5G 120 Hollow cores

Favorite Food: Egg Salad Sandwich / My Nana’s Taco Salad / Seaweed

How long have you been riding? Almost 2 years

Favorite thing to do outside of scootering? Ice Hockey / Water Ski / Speed Cubing

Favorite Skatepark? A-Town Park

Riders who inspire you? Claudius Vertesi / Chris Farris / Chandler Dunn

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Pro Scooter Rider / Studying in College to be a veternarian

Best Scootering Memor? Landing backflips with Raymond Warner!