Bret Lentine – Warehouse and Shop Manager

h5g-black-and-white-logo Bret Lentine – Warehouse and Shop Manager

Bret Lentine- Warehouse and Shop Manager
Name: Bret Lentine
Age: 28
Sponsors: my mom
Deck: 5.5×22 Hova
Bars: H5G steel T Bars
Compression: H5G SCS
Wheels: H5G 120
Favorite food: a junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s
How long have you been riding? Probably 15 years but who knows anymore
Favorite thing to do outside of scootering?Watch cartoons
Riders who inspire you? Lilerndoe and about a million other people. Anyone who does or has done something sick to contribute to scootering is inspiring to me.